Frequently Asked Questions

What is educational psychotherapy?

Educational psychotherapy is a highly effective way of helping children and young people to learn. It combines teaching with a chance for children to explore and make sense of painful or traumatic experiences that might get in the way of learning and development.

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Who are educational psychotherapists?

Our educational psychotherapists are highly trained teachers with many years experience of teaching young children with emotional learning difficulties, who have in addition successfully completed our MA in Educational Psychotherapy. They are all registered with United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, which promotes high standards of training and practice.

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Who benefits?

Educational psychotherapy can help with a wide range of problems experienced by children and young people from all walks of life and at different points in their lives. The children may have experienced the death of a parent or other family member, or they may have witnessed a violent or traumatic event. They may have had negative experiences of school and teachers. They may feel that they are to blame for all the bad things that happen to them and their families.

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How will I recognise if this is right for my child?

Our trained therapists have a great deal of experience in recognising children and young people who are most likely to benefit from our help. An initial consultation will allow us to
discuss your child’s needs before beginning regular psychotherapy sessions. Our services can help children and young people:

  • with learning and communication difficulties
  • with emotional difficulties
  • who have poor social behaviour and find it difficult to form relationships
  • who are at risk of school exclusion

Some of the signs we look for are a lack of interest in learning, difficulty dealing with adults, and disruptive behaviour, and feelings of anger or fear. Educational psychotherapy can help your child overcome these problems.

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What difference does it make?

Educational psychotherapy helps children and young people to understand factors that make it difficult for them to learn. It helps them to develop the emotional confidence and self-esteem they need to become successful learners.

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How does it help?

Educational psychotherapy provides time and space for children and young people to take part in specially designed activities such as story telling, drawing, and playing to help them make sense of their difficulties. Educational psychotherapists are highly skilled at adapting teaching methods to help children and young people overcome emotional blocks to learning and development. The use of structured, familiar activities helps them gain the confidence to start learning.

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How long will it take?

Children and young people usually meet with the therapist for 50 minutes once a week. Sessions take place during term time may continue for four terms or more

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How do you know it works?

Our results speak for themselves – over 90% of children and young people make an excellent or overwhelming improvement as a result of receiving our support. We use clinically proven techniques to evaluate the effectiveness of the work we do. Download a factsheet here or of you’d like to speak to one of our therapy team please get in touch.

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