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Thoughts from a parent

The Caspari Foundation has helped not only my son but also us as a family. My son started having a lot of problems at school and got suspended on a number of occasions, in 2005 he was diagnosed as having ADHD. The impact of my son's negative behaviour which was mainly exhibited at school also made things very difficult at home. I was constantly being called into the school and had to quit my job due to stress. I got diagnosed with cancer in 2006 and my son's behaviour got worse. That's when I found out about the Caspari Foundation. I referred my son to the Caspari Foundation in 2007, my son has a weekly session at the Caspari and really enjoys going. It gives my son the opportunity to talk through any difficulties he has in a neutral environment where he doesn't feel judged as this has been a problem for him in the past. Since attending Caspari things have improved greatly at school and at home he has developed skills to manage his own behaviour. My son is now a much happy little boy and more confident in his own abilities, academically my son is doing brilliantly and is due to start secondary school in September and with all the support he receives from Caspari I am confident that he will succeed.


"I feel my son's future could have gone either way, and with Caspari Foundation's wonderful help and support his future is looking hopeful."

A mum about her son

"He now gets several merit awards each day and a reward at the end of the week. He's becoming an asset in the class instead of a disruptive element."

A teacher

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