Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

The Caspari Foundation Complaints Procedure is available here. Members of UKCP are bound by the policies of the UKCP and for details of the Complaints procedure please go to the UKCP website.

Anyone who wishes to make a complaint about any aspect of the Caspari Foundation should try first to resolve the matter informally, in consultation with either the person who has caused the complaint, or with that person's line manager. If a complaint cannot be resolved informally, the complaint should be put in writing, addressed to the Chair of Trustees and sent to our offices 225-229 Seven Sisters Road, London. N4 2DA


All research undertaken under the auspices of the Caspari Foundation must comply with the Ethical Guidelines for Educational Research of the British Educational Research Association ( and follow the links) and paras 36-38 of  the  Ethical Guidelines for Researching Counselling and Psychotherapy of the British Association for Counselling and psychotherapy (BACP), as follows:

36. The Association is committed to fostering research that will inform and develop practice. All practitioners are encouraged to support research undertaken on behalf of the profession and to participate actively in research work.
37. All research should be undertaken with rigorous attentiveness to the quality and integrity both of the research itself and of the dissemination of the results of the research.
38. The rights of all research participants should be carefully considered and protected. The minimum rights include the right to freely given and informed consent, and the right to withdraw at any point. A client's entitlement to receiving a service should not be affected by their willingness or refusal to participate in research.
39. The research methods used should comply with the standards of good practice in counselling and psychotherapy and must not adversely affect clients.

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