Bespoke services

Educational psychotherapy can help with a wide range of problems experienced by children and young people. Since schools play a pivotal role in childrens social, emotional and learning development it is essential that school staff have the skills and experience to enable them to make sense of these difficulties.

All our therapists have many years of teaching experience behind them in addition to being highly skilled therapists. As a result we can design tailor-made support services based on the needs of your school or pupils.

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"I work with school age mothers and pregnant pupils to help them remain / re-engage in education. These students, with their manifold needs, are often at the very edges of the education system, isolated and prone to being overlooked. It is a role that can be complex, challenging and emotionally demanding.

Over the last couple of years, I have had monthly supervision sessions at the Caspari Foundation. This time is used to discuss, reflect and explore cases. It's an invaluable thinking space, which has helped me gain a greater insight into the students, myself and the functioning of the education system. All of this has enabled me to meet the challenges of my job and develop a more thoughtful, informed service for the young women."

A teacher and teenage pregnancy reintegration officer

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