Nurturing Children’s Mental Health: Shared Story Making in your School

Hear their stories – identify what troubles them – understand how you can help


The Caspari Foundation EPIC Project (Educational Psychotherapy in the Community), in partnership with several London schools, has established an evidence-based and sustainable method of therapeutic group work. 

This Conference will describe clearly how Caspari Educational Psychotherapists - who are also experienced educators with an understanding of the school context - can train your staff to set up, run and evaluate such therapeutic groups in Primary, Secondary or Alternative Provision. We will demonstrate how your school can benefit from this intervention by presenting:

  • Case studies
  • A Panel involving trained facilitators and senior school leaders
  • The evidence base : Outcomes and Evaluation - so schools have the tools to evaluate the impact of the work for parents/carers, Governors and OFSTED
  • The way schools (Primary, Secondary and AP) can train their own staff to access this resource in the future 

We have worked successfully with children and young people who experienced a mix of behavioural and psychological problems contributing to their low attainment levels. In the last 3 years we have worked with over 430 children and young people, in a total of 16 schools: 10 Primary, 5 Secondary and a Key Stage 3 and 4 Pupil Referral Unit. The schools concerned are in the London Boroughs of Hackney, Islington, Haringey, Tower Hamlets and Enfield.

We have measured the positive benefits and effectiveness of these groups. 

  • The student retention rate was 97%
  • Teachers reported a 74% increase in the confidence of their pupils
  • Teachers reported a 73%increase in the emotional well-being of their pupils
  • Teachers reported a 61%increase in the interest in school of their pupils

We are confident that we have developed a sustainable therapeutic intervention which other schools can include in their strategy for improving the mental health of their students. 

‘It makes children feel safe in learning, which is what you want in the classroom’

Primary school teacher, Tower Hamlets

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