Staff support & supervision

Most teachers will be only too familiar with a child or children who just don't seem to be able to learn, who might have emotional difficulties or whose challenging behaviour is a serious issue they find difficult to manage.

Whether you work with children who just need time to adjust to classroom rules and routines, or those with more disruptive forms of behaviour, Caspari Foundation can help.

In addition to our training programmes we offer support and supervision for staff working with children such as those described above, or who perhaps want to explore and practise therapeutic approaches to teaching.

Support can be tailored to the specific needs of teachers and schools and sessions offer a reflective working space and time to discuss techniques that might help supervisees cope with a range of issues including children who appear to be

  • angry and destructive
  • anxious and withdrawn
  • restless and easily distracted
  • unable to make use of the learning environment and the teacher

Common themes include:

The way in which learning can be affected by:

  • early experiences
  • loss
  • abusive experiences
  • social and emotional factors
  • family relationships

The way in which learning may be promoted by the therapeutic use of:

  • creative activities
  • story writing
  • books
  • the curriculum

The way in which teachers can be supported in their work by:

  • developing therapeutic teaching skills
  • developing ways of assessing pupils
  • understanding the communicative value of behaviour and ways of managing it
  • understanding group relations and working with groups
  • Informing their work through understanding the principles of educational psychotherapy
  • contributing to individual action plans
  • initiating a collaborative school-based staff development approach to emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties.

Support and supervision sessions take place at Caspari Foundation headquarters in Camden, London WC1. To find out more contact us

"I really look forward to going to my group sessions at the Caspari. It gives me the opportunity to reflect and step back from my cases that I work on.The group give me fresh ideas on how to deal with each case and their different needs. It is extremely important to have people to share my worries, hopes and frustrations with and Caspari gives me that opportunity. The support of the others is very important to me and the work that I do."

A Learning Mentor

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