CPD Lectures

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Thanks to Tamara Bibby for a very interesting talk and lively discussion on Saturday 17 November about her new book 'The Creative Self'. 

The book engages with the work of the psychoanalyst D.W. Winnicott to develop alternative ways of thinking about key issues at the heart of pedagogy; specifically pedagogic relationships, creativity, defiance and compliance. These issues underpin the desires and defences of professionals located in educational institutions, such as the desire to know what is best, to know how to reach all learners, normalised expectations of behaviours and outcomes, and sometimes challenging engagements with students and the curriculum.


  • Tamara Bibby 'Using Winnicott to rethink schools and schooling'
  • EPIC Dissemination Conference - The EPIC Team
  • Post Truth - Matthew D'Ancona
  • Circles for Learning - Alison Waterhouse
  • Educational Psychotherapy in the Community: therapeutic group work in schools - Gloria Condon, Luke Palmer, Lynsey Daniels
  • Why Can't These Children Learn?
  • ADHD: Critical perspectives and alternatives to medication
  • Families and Learning
  • A school based multi-family group intervention that helps Children to learn.

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