Short courses

The Caspari foundation provides CPD courses, and other short courses for adults working with children and young people. If you have any questions or would like to book your place today please contact Flora.

Courses we are currently running:

  • An introduction to Educational Psychotherapy
  • An introduction to Supervision
  • Transitions: a one day training for school staff
  • From reaction to relfection: managing challenging behaviour and group dynamics


 An introduction to Educational Psychotherapy

This 5 week training aims to:
  • To equip you with basic knowledge and understanding of key psychoanalytical theory
  • To support you in thinking about pupils who don’t respond to traditional behaviour management strategies
  • To develop awareness of unconscious processes and how they affect relationships and learning
  • To make links with developments in neuroscience and emotional self-regulation
  • To provide practical strategies to support pupils in school

Next training date: Wednesday 19 September - Wednesday 17 October

Cost: £250 (£225 to Caspari members)


An introduction to Supervision

This year long course aims to:
  • To equip you with knowledge and understanding of supervision theory
  • To understand the role of the supervisor in the supervisor supervisee relationship
  • To consider unconscious processes in supervision
  • To allow students to develop their own style of supervision and manage difficulties which arise in their supervisory roles
  • To learn about the expectations and competencies of supervision

Next training date: Saturday 6 October, Saturday 23 February and Saturday 15 June

Cost: £450


From reaction to reflection

This 1-day training aims to:

  • develop the process of consideration and sharpen perceptions, feelings and thoughts about young people with challenging behaviour
  • think about how the unconscious and the past can motivate behaviour 
  • look in more detail at how young people form relationships with us and how that can inform our work 
  • introduce the concept of Containment
  • learn to use therapeutic language to connect with young people
  • explore the use of metaphorand how story making can help young people become more reflective and confident

Next training date: TBC

Cost: £175 (£160 to Caspari members)


Transitions: a one day training for school staff

This 1-day training aims to:

  • explore change and transition
  • look at issues for children and young people facing transitions in school
  • think about vulnerability factors
  • discuss and develop ways of responding helpfully to children and young people who find transitions difficult.
  • share skills, knowledge, experience and expertise

Next training date: TBC

Cost: £175 (£160 to Caspari members) 

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