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Child and Therapist

1-1 Educational Psychotherapy

Outline Please note we offer this service to schools and organisations if you please private ..see link...

Educational Psychotherapy Assessment 

Time Frame:  half a term  (5-8 weeks)

Outline of Services:

parent/carer introductory meeting


school staff introductory meeting:


3 x Educational psychotherapy sessions with child/young person


assessment Report


parent/carer and school staff follow up meeting



Prices start from:  £760

Educational Psychotherapy Ongoing Work

Example Time Frame:  two and a half terms  (30 weeks)

Outline of Services:

Continuing Educational Psychotherapy (2.5 terms)


30 x Educational psycotherapy sessions with child/young person


4 x parent/carer or teacher meeting


written report   


parent/carer and school staff closing meeting



Prices start from:  £1,278 per term

Apply now

1. Fill in the initial referal form 

2. We will match your child or young person with a suitable educational psychotherapist and provide you with a written quote for the work and a formal contract for the parent and carer and for the school involved.

3. Return the signed contracts to the Caspari Foundation.

4.  The therapist will contact you to arrange for an assessment to take place.  The majority of  sessions take place in school.


Do feel free to email us to arrange an informal telephone consultation if you would like to ask any questions before or during the application process:

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