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Legacy Giving

By leaving a gift in your will to the Caspari Foundation, you can help to secure the future of Educational Psychotherapy and enable us to continue our valuable work supporting children and young people.

Types of Legacy


There are three main types of legacy which you can leave to our charity:


A cash legacy – this is a gift of a sum of money

A specific legacy – this is a gift of an item or items such as jewellery, shares, a painting or a property

A residuary gift – your “residuary estate” is what remains of your assets after your debts and other expenses, such as funeral costs, tax etc., have been deducted and after your cash and specific legacies have been paid.  A residuary gift is a legacy of the whole or a share of your residuary estate.




How to leave a legacy



When making or updating your Will, you just need to let your solicitor know your intentions. There is no obligation to let us know and you can change your mind at any time.


If you already have a Will and wish to add a gift for the benefit of the Caspari Foundation, you can do so by making a codicil (amendment) to your Will. In every case, we strongly recommend that you consult a solicitor when making or updating your Will, to ensure that it is legally valid and reflects your intentions.

If you haven’t yet made a will but are considering doing so, here are a few useful links:


to the Caspari Foundation, charity number 1079575

The work of the Caspari Foundation supporting children and young people through Educational Psychotherapy 

The Caspari Foundation is the leading organisation for Educational Psychotherapy.  We are a London-based charity that works with children and young people to help them overcome social and emotional barriers to learning.


Our Mission: Helping every child experience the joy of learning.

Our Work in Schools:
We provide services and programmes which support children and young people's mental health and help school staff to develop their therapeutic teaching skills and reflective practice. Educational Psychotherapists help pupils to learn, achieve and better understand themselves.  We work with children and young people to overcome emotional barriers to learning.

Professional Training & Development: The Caspari Foundation offers a wide range of courses which are suitable for professionals who work with children and young people, and those interested in learning more about Educational Psychotherapy.   Our principle course, the Advanced Diploma in Educational Psychotherapy is accredited by the UKCP.  We also run the unique Caspari Certificate in Therapeutic teaching. 

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