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CPD for Schools

CPD for Schools runs on the second Saturday of every month.  Each Course has a specific audiences. - headteacher teacher TA nurture groups etc.  

All courses run on Saturday mornings 10am-1:00pm and cost £95.  There are a maximum of 8 participants per group to provide close been session leader and participants.



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Support Groups

Target Audience:

All Those interested in doing the Advance Dip/Cert Course

May 2020

Advanced Certificate and Diploma Taster Course 

Suitable for anyone considering doing the Advanced Diploma or Advanced Certificate Course

Covers:  Attachment/ etc etc 

Image by Katherine Chase

Target Audience:

All School Staff

June 2020


What makes a good ending?

  • explore change and transition

  • look at issues for children and young people facing transitions in school

  • think about vulnerability factors

Chess Game

Target Audience: Senior Management. 

July 2020

Therapeutic Language in your School - Changing the Mental Health Landscape

Strategic - Whole school policy

Suitable for Senior management, Head teachers and those looking at organisational language and change here to add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

Baby Holding Parent

Target Audience:

All school Staff

Sept 2020

Attachment in the Classroom

 Understand how children's attachment style affects their learning.

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten

All school Staff

October 2020

Therapeutic Language for the Classroom (Reaction to Reflection)

Gain an understanding of the way in which you use language and how it affects others.

Baby Holding Parent

Target Audience:

Staff who do 1-1 and with small groups /Nurture Groups 

Nov 2020


Introduce your team! Click here to add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

Teacher and Students in Science Class

Target Audience:

Head Teachers

and Senior Management

CPD and services for Your School/Organisation

Free -  one hour consultation visit  available 

Understanding how the Caspari Foundation Can improve Mental health within your school

How to access free services 

Ofsted/mental health

know your options

Free and paid services

Click here for Evidence

Adoption Support Fund 

1-1 Educational Psychotherapy Assessment /1-1 Educational Pscyothearpy 

EPIC Group Work - story and art groups

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