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Evidence from the Children's Commissioner

The Children’s Commissioner for England speaks up for children and young people so that policymakers take their views and interests into account when making decisions about them. The role was initially established under the Children Act 2004 which gave the Commissioner responsibility for promoting awareness of the views and interests of children.

A survey of schoolchildren in October 2020 showed the positive impact of being with friends, regaining routines and learning in person, as well as concerns about catching coronavirus, lost study time and support for mental health.

The state of children’s mental health services 2020/21

On 28th January 2021, the Children’s Commissioner wrote: “A large-scale study, undertaken by the NHS in July 2020, found that clinically significant mental health conditions amongst children had risen by 50% compared to three years earlier. A staggering 1 in 6 children now have a probable mental health condition.”

Key Statistics:

1 in 9

children aged 5-19 had a probable mental health disorder in 2017


increase in referrals to children’s mental health services in 2019/20


increase in the number of children receiving support from the NHS in 2019/20

1 in 6

children aged 5-19 had a probable mental health disorder in 2020

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The latest data (March 2020) from the Children's Commissioner for Wokingham Local Authority estimates that 14% of 0-17 year olds live in a household with an adult who either suffers drug or alcohol dependence, has experienced violence or abuse from a partner within the last year, or has a clinically-diagnosable mental health disorder.


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The Children's Commission shows that if children don’t get help, problems get worse. 

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