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The latest news and events in the world of Educational Psychotherapy, therapeutic teaching and children and young people's mental health.


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Wednesday 18th May 2022
Cutting Edge Theory Seminar 4

Dr Graham Music

This was a fascinating and thought-provoking seminar in which Graham touched on some of the key concepts from his book: how to help children who are hard to reach after neglect, trauma or depression.  Among the many topics discussed were dissociation, triple deprivation, interoception, sensory and emotional overload, noticing striated muscle movement, and how to use our bodily awareness to help us spark the desparked and unsparked.  One key message was 'safety first'.  


Thursday 5th May 2022

Cutting Edge Theory Seminar 3

Ian Hickey

Where neuroscience and psychoanalysis meet adolescence

Polyvagal theory appeared again in Ian Hickey's seminar later the same evening, the third in the Cutting Edge Theory series, along with the latest learning from neuroscience.

Adolescence is a period of significant change in the brain, often accompanied by an increased amount of sleep, and Ian and guided us through the behaviours and psychological changes which might accompany this stage of development.  Again, an increased understanding of what a young person’s body and mind are going through can provide a valuable context for curious, empathic teachers and therapists.


Thursday 5th May 2022

Cutting Edge Theory Seminar 2

Elizabeth Denton

Educational Psychotherapy: from therapy room to whole-school

The second seminar in the Cutting Edge Theory series took us into school and promoted the role of the educational psychotherapists in influencing how school staff and especially school leaders see, understand and respond to children’s behaviour.  Applying concepts from polyvagal theory, Elizabeth shared an example of how understanding the difference between ‘flop’ and ‘freeze’ helped school staff realise that they had been misreading a pupil’s behaviour. By changing their understanding and their own behaviour, they were able to develop better relationships with the young person. Elizabeth’s passion for influencing leadership and policies in school in order to better meet children's needs shone through.


Thursday 29th April 2022

Cutting Edge Theory Seminar 1

Alkisti Holmes

Parent-Infant Psychotherapy

The series of four cutting-edge theory seminars began with Alkisti Holmes’ fascinating description of parent-infant psychotherapy. In this work, the focus is on the relationship between parent and child, noticing and putting into words, in order to help the parent withdraw projections and create space for their baby to develop.

Alkisti explained how babies are great allies to the therapist because they respond more readily than defended adults.  Did you know that Beatrice Beebe used short sections of video to help the parent see their interactions with their infant from a different perspective?

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