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What is the current situation in schools?

The current Coronavirus pandemic is having an ongoing, widespread and significant impact on the mental health and emotional well-being of children, young people and staff within school communities.  Please see our Covid update page for links to reports on the impact of the pandemic in schools.


Schools are under pressure to improve their results, especially for disadvantaged children.  OFSTED's latest report for the academic year 2018/2019 shows increased focus on children's behaviour and acknowledges that teachers need support. 


Pupils' behaviour can lead to off-rolling and have a negative effect on teachers' well-being.  Some children face significant delays in getting access to therapeutic support, which is often short-term.

Please see the links below to explore how the Caspari Foundation can help your school. 

OFSTED behaviour expectations 

‘It is important that schools do not see behaviour and attitudes as collateral or secondary, but as integral to the delivery of a strong curriculum.’


‘Pupils’ behaviour often has a negative effect on teachers’ well-being and teachers do not always feel supported by senior leaders or line managers in addressing poor behaviour.’

Lack of therapeutic support

‘Access to therapeutic intervention and support for children and families can be very poor. …children …face significant delays in getting access to the help and support they need. When they do, it is often not provided for long enough.’


‘SEND inspection reports frequently highlight concerns about … access to services for children and young people with mental ill health. … Families do not know where to get the help and support that their children need.’


‘… pupils with SEND are over five times more likely to have a fixed-term exclusion and five times more likely to be permanently excluded…’


‘The primary need for just over half of pupils with SEND at the time of exclusion was recorded as social, emotional and mental health...’

Educational Psychotherapists help school staff understand and address bullying, disruptive behaviour and disengaged pupils.


We support staff in thinking about pupils' behaviour; not ‘managing’ behaviour, but seeking to understand and explore what is being communicated by the child.   We help staff to meet their pupils’ needs and engage with learning.


Please see the links below to explore how the Caspari Foundation can help your school. 

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