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This year for the Big Give Christmas Challenge the Caspari Foundation are raising money for the Helen North Fund to help support bereaved children and young people through Educational Psychotherapy.

The more money we raise, the more children and young people we are able to support at this difficult time in their lives. All money raised will go towards helping bereaved children regardless of whether or not the full target is reached.

We did it!

The Caspari Foundation has exceeded its £6,500 fundraising target for The Big Give Christmas Challenge.  With your help we have raised £6810 for the Helen North Fund, supporting children and young people who have suffered a bereavement.    When we collect the gift aid from the donations, this will be allow us to put £7449.16 towards the Helen North Fund. 


Thank you to everyone for your generous donations which made this possible

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Campaign now closed


But do join us again in December 2022 for another Big Give Christmas Challenge.


Many thanks to the Childhood Trust, who are our Champions for the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2021.


The loss of a close family member has a profound effect on a child. It can affect every area of their life: their mental health; their prospects at school; their relationships with peers; their understanding of the world and their feelings of security and safety. The death of a parent has a vast and long-lasting impact on the educational attainment of a child and significantly lowers the probability of them completing all educational levels.


Educational Psychotherapy provides an opportunity for the child to have space and time to explore their loss, to take part in specially designed activities such as story telling, drawing and playing to help them make sense of their changed world. Educational Psychotherapy helps to significantly reduce barriers that prevent the child from learning. It helps to create a wider support network around the young person which includes the school and carers/parents.

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