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The Caspari Journal

The contents of the Caspari Foundation journals are listed below.

  • The Journal of Educational Psychotherapy Issue 17, 2010 - Issue 28, 2022

  • Educational Therapy and Therapeutic Teaching Issue 9, 2000 - Issue 16, 2008

Issue 28, 2022

Jenny Dover and Lee Marsden - Gillian Salmon

An appreciation


Gillian Salmon - The Primary Years

A tribute to its author


Mary Sue Moore  - Traumatic (D) Attachment Relationships

Not disorganised but amygdala-organised


Ingrid Cleaver - Learning Begins Long Before Children Arrive at School

A brief exploration of certain developmental theories and links to learning in Educational Psychotherapy


Katy Singer Once Upon a Time...

The use of free storytelling in Educational Psychotherapy


Ángela Palacios - Overcoming Cultural, Linguistic and Emotional Barriers within the Therapeutic Space

A research proposal

Book Reviews

Affect and Emotion: A brief psychoanalytic tour

by Graham Music
reviewed by Lynsey Daniels

How it Feels to be You: Objects, Play and Child Psychotherapy

by Tamsin Cottis
reviewed by Rosie Chester

Child Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in Primary Schools:

Tavistock Approaches
ed. Katie Argent
reviewed by Rosie Davies

Issue 27, 2021


Graham Music - Observation, Attention and Awareness: Emotional States and Bodily Clues

Where does the observer begin and the observed end?

Astrid Berg - "See me so that I may understand you"

The inhibition of reflective functioning in a traumatized society: A view from South Africa

Beverley Miles - Double Jeopardy

When the mother you so desperately need pushes you into danger

Ron Best - Caspari and Progressive Education

The Froebel connection

Lesley Maroni - Between Language and Silence

Factors that inhibit language production

Book Reviews

Trauma and Memory: the Science and the Silenced 

ed. Valerie Sinason and Ashley Conway

reviewed by Elyse Morgan

Know Me To Teach Me: Differentiated discipline for those recovering from Adverse Childhood Experiences

by Louise Bomber

reviewed by Lizzie Lewis

Finding Your Way with Your Baby:

the emotional life of parents and babies

by Dilys Daws and Alexandra de Rementeria

reviewed by Helen Dalton

Issue 26, 2020

Louise Mullier - The Right-Brain in Educational Psychotherapy

A critical evaluation of Allan Schore's 2014 article 'The Right Brain is Dominant in Psychotherapy'

Sable Leicher - Never Judge a Snail

A journey enabling growth in both therapist and client

Elizabeth Denton - Disconnected

What can a pandemic teach us about inclusive education?

Luke Palmer - Zoom with a(n Obscured) View

Online therapy with secondary school students

Lizzie Lewis - With Time in Mind

The function and meaning of time in educational psychotherapy

Book Reviews

The Brain has a Mind of Its Own: Attachment, Neurobiology and the New Science of Psychotherapy

by Jeremy Holmes

reviewed by Ron Best

Psychoanalysis, Neuroscience and the Stories of Our Lives: The Relational Roots of Mental Health

by Sarah Sutton

reviewed by Rosie Chester

"Why Can't You Hear Me?"

Understanding, Nurturing and Working Effectively with Vulnerable Children in Schools

by Angela Greenwood

reviewed by Sarah Cockerill

Issue 25, 2019


Debbie Brace - Are You Receiving Me?

A discussion about the complexities of responding to young children's distress in day care

Luke Palmer - Getting It

Working with facilitators in story groups

Jenny Dover - Observing and Interpreting

Being in the room with the child

Louise Mullier - Early Experience in the Family

A template for learning

Julia Haslam - The Use of Containment to Facilitate the Early Stages of Learning and Development

A case study illustrating the learning experience of both child and trainee

Book Reviews

Playing With Ideas: An Independent Practitioner's Introduction to Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy

by Deirdre Dowling

reviewed by Lucy Alexander

Psychoanalysis and Other Matters:

Where Are We Now?

edited by Judith Edwards

reviewed by Mia Beaumont

Nurturing Children: From Trauma to Growth Using Attachment Theory, Psychoanalysis and Neurobiology

by Graham Music

reviewed by Jim Rose

Issue 24, 2018

Elizabeth Denton - Thoughts on Thinking

A consideration of Bion's theories at work in the therapy room

Elizabeth Cohen - Making Up For Lost Time

Using the calendar in Educational Psychotherapy

Esther Chunga - My Sister's Keeper

Reflections on work with siblings plagued by violence and trauma

Lizzie Lewis - Little Fairy Flying High

An adopted child's shift from omnipotence to integration

Anthi Sidiropoulou & Bettina Davou -"It Rings Therefore I Exist"

Issues of emotional development in the digital world

Book Reviews


Attachment and Emotional Development in the Classroom: Theory and Practice

edited by David Colley and Paul Cooper

reviewed by Luke Palmer

Attachment for Teachers: The Essential Handbook for Trainee Teachers and NQTs

by Marie Delaney

reviewed by Heather Geddes

Issue 23, 2017


Graham Music - Sensible Adaptations With Unfortunate Costs

Some thoughts about attachment styles

Lynsey Daniels - Who Was Irene Caspari?

Tracing her steps

Gillian Morton - A Spark That Can Light Beacons

The legacy of Irene Caspari

Helen Gidley - Putting It All Back Together Again

Building a secure base with Lego in Educational Psychotherapy

Book Reviews

Nurturing Natures: Attachment and Children's Emotional, Sociocultural and Brain Development

by Graham Music

reviewed by Heather Geddes

Love the Wild Swan: The selected works of Judith Edwards

by Judith Edwards

reviewed by Lee Marsden

Issue 22, 2016

Juliet Hopkins - Holding and Attachment

Implications of the work of Winnicott and Bowlby for Nursery Care


Sarah Cockerill - Earliest Learning

Observation of a Mother and Baby


Mark Griffiths - Getting to the Roots

Family Group: Why It Works


Elizabeth Cohen - Shifting the Mind's Furniture

A Case Study


Jim Rose - Why Endings Matter

Managing Transitions for Looked-After Children

Book Reviews


Working with Young People in Secure Accommodation: From Chaos to Culture

(2nd Edition)

by Jim Rose

reviewed by Ron Best

An Independent Mind: The Collected Papers of Juliet Hopkins

edited by Ann Horne & Monica Lanyado

reviewed by Anne Casimir

Issue 21, 2015


Alison Waterhouse - Circles for Learning

Mother and baby observations within the classroom


Sophie Jubb - Creating a Space to Think

A case study

Mia Beaumont - Obesity - a Barrier to Learning?

Keeping uncomfortable feelings at bay

Gill Morton - Therapeutic Story Groups

Educational psychotherapy in a school setting

Joanna Gaskell - Death, Loss and Learning

How bereavement can affect a child or young person's capacity

to love, learn and trust

Book Reviews


Finding Your Way with Your Baby - the Emotional Life of Babies and Parents

by Dilys Daws and Alexandra de Rementeria reviewed by Anne Casimir

Therapeutic Practice in Schools Volume two: The contemporary adolescent

edited by Lyn French & Reva Klein

reviewed by Liz Arnesen

Issue 20, 2014

Brikkels, Lee, Jackson and Warren-Adamson - The Art and Graft of Multidisciplinary Work

An account on one primary school's collaborative approaches to children's learning needs


Lucy Alexander and Miriam Grossfeld - Joining Up, Joining In

Helping children become part of a group in the classroom


Michaela Luckett - Children in the Classroom

Attachment theory as a framework for teachers' thinking

A Caspari Foundation Graduate - Working with Silence

A case study

Paul Cutler - The Sparkle of Us

Therapeutic storywriting and social inclusion

Book Reviews


Experiencing Endings and Beginnings

by Isca Salzberger-Wittenberg

reviewed by Gillian Salmon

Settling to Learn

by Louise Bomber & Daniel Hughes

reviewed by Heather Geddes

Winnicott's Children

edited by Ann Horne and Monica Lanyado

reviewed by Lee Marsden

Issue 19, 2013


Lyn French - Engaging Adolescents in the School Setting

Psychotherapeutic work in secondary schools


Rebecca Booth - Understanding a Child's Inner World

Ideas fron Bion and Klein


Mia Beaumont - Cumulative Trauma and the Capacity for Resilience

A case study


Jenny Dover & Ruth Seglow - Lowering the Drawbridge

One mother's use of a parents' group


Stuart Lane - What Lies Behind the Behaviour?

The neuroscience and physiology of the impact of trauma - considerations for schools

Book Reviews


Why Can't Help This Child To Learn?

by Helen High

reviewed by Lee Marsden

Working With The Child Within

by Lyn French & Reva Klein

reviewed by Angela Greenwood

Empathic Care for Children with Disorganized Attachments

by Chris Taylor

reviewed by Jim Rose

Issue 18, 2011

James Wetz - Attachment, Emotional Wellbeing and Attainment

Essential understandings for our teachers and schools


Laura House - Emotions in the Classroom

How attachment theory informs the developing practice of a

recently qualified teacher

Ben Hoskins - Looked-After Children and Learning

Some contributions to the thinking that informs professional practice

Jenny Dover - Educational Psychotherapy

A clinical process with beneficial outcomes and applications in the classroom


Dr Heather Geddes - Emotional Well-Being in Schools

The contribution that attachment theory can make to enhancing educational engagement and achievement

Marian Evans - Nurture Groups

Theory, practice and new developments


James Park - Shaping Schools Where Children Feel Heard

How Antidote's PROGRESS Programme shapes culture and ethos

Dr Hazel Douglas - The Solihull Approach

A whole school approach


Dr Trisha Waters - Story Links

Engaging parents of pupils with behaviour difficulties and poor literacy through therapeutic storywriting

Mark Griffiths - Families Helping Families

A school-based intervention

Dr Ted Cole - The Work of SEBDA - The Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties Association


Book Review

How Nurture Protects Children

by Jim Rose

reviewed by Lee Marsden

Special edition in association with the Consortium for Emotional Wellbeing in Schools (CEWBS)

Issue 17, 2010


Anne Casimir - Only Connect

Children affected by inter-generational unresolved loss


Jim Rose - The Nature of Nurture

or: You can't grow a pig by weighing it


Marcus Johns - Education, Mental Health and Social Integration

Thoughts arising on Tavistock Day Unit's 40th anniversary

David Divine - Belonging and Being Acknowledged

A personal journey through the Child Care System

Obituary - Liz Saunders

An appreciation


Book Review


Teaching the Unteachable

by Marie Delaney

reviewed by Beverley Mason

Issue 16, 2008


Gloria Condon - Loss, Attunement And Second Chance Learning

A Case Study

Lee Marsden - Family Matters For Every Child

Education For Children In The Cassel Therapeutic Community

Jenny Dover - The Vulnerable Child In The Classroom

Ruth Seglow - Beginning To Sort It Out

A Child Psychotherapist In A Secondary School

Clare Williams - Creating A Secure Base

Therapeutic Thinking Within A Whole School Setting

Book Review


Reaching And Teaching Through Educational Psychotherapy: A Case Study Approach

by Gillian Salmon & Jenny Dover

reviewed by Mia Beaumont

Issue 15, 2007


Mary Sue Moore - Building The Brain With 'Procedural' Knowledge

Clinical implications of neuroscientific knowledge


Heather Geddes - Conflict And Learning


Mark Griffiths - Reaction To Reflection: BEST Practice In Schools


Marie Delaney - Feeling Useless

The struggle to contain in therapy and classroom


Sue Robinson, Gillian Gordon & Graeme Galton - Currents In The Consulting Room

How can popular culture be used to amplify or influence therapeutic narrative in the consulting room?

Christiane Nevermann - The Berlin Initiative of the Caspari Foundation London

Edited version of an address given at the Caspari International Conference The Child In Conflict, University of London, Royal Holloway College, 6 July 2006


Helen High - Rosalie Kerbekian

An appreciation

Book Review


The Learning Relationship: Psychoanalytic Thinking in Eduaction

by Biddy Youell

reviewed by Liz Kennedy

Issue 14, 2006


Michael Brearley - Teaching And Learning: Bad Seed Or Stony Ground?


Helen High - The Development Of Educational Therapy and Some Other Applications Of Psychoanalytic Thinking To Education In Great Britain


Rebecca Woodhams - From Push-Pull To Brave Connection

Educational Therapy With A Maternally Deprived Child


David Morgan - Children As Receptacles Of Parental Violence


Ricky Emanuel - Thalamic Fear


Helen High - Jean Estelle Cowen

An appreciation

Book Reviews


tweens: What to expect from - and how to survive - your child's pre-teen years

by Andrea Clifford-Poston

reviewed by Sarah Adams

Therapeutic Storywriting: A Practical Guide To Developing Emotional Literacy In Primary Schools

by Tricia Waters

reviewed by Patricia Reid

Attachment In The Classroom: The Links Between Children’s Early Experience, Emotional Well-Being And Performance In School

by Heather Geddes

reviewed by Gerda Hanko

Issue 13, 2004


Jenny Dover - Work With A Hard-To-Reach Child

Vicky Rowland - A Boy Lost In Time And Space

Irene Oromi - Psychoanalytic Contributions To The Understanding Of Psychosis And Its Mechanisms In Children

Barbara Lyndon - What Is Important When You Are Four Years Old And Starting At School Or Nursery

A Commentary On Two Nursery Observation Essays

Trisha Waters - Therapeutic Storytelling In The Junior School

Book Reviews

Young Minds In Our Schools

by Peter Wilson

reviewed by Liz Arnesen

The Presence Of The Therapist Treating Childhood Trauma

by Monica Lanyado

reviewed by Astrid Axson

The Internal and External Worlds of Children and Adolescents: Collaborative Therapeutic Care

edited by Lesley Day and Denis Flynn

reviewed by Sue Richards-Gray

Issue 12, 2003


Ricky Emanuel - A-Void

An Exploration Of Defences Against Sensing Nothingness

Jenny Dover - The Child Who Cannot Bear Being Taught

Barbara Lyndon - That's A Good Thought

Educational Therapy With Children In A School Setting

Judith Edwards - Minding The Gap

Transitions Across The Life Cycle Particular Reference To Working With Children

Margot Waddell - The Assessment Of Adolescents Preconceptions And Realisations

Book Reviews

Psychodynamic Practice: Individuals, Groups and Organisations

Volume 8 No 3 August 2002

Guest editors Ron Best & Heather Geddes

reviewed by Liz Arnesen

Facilitating Developmental Attachment: The Road To Emotional Recovery And Behavioural Change in Foster and Adopted Children 

by Daniel A. Hughes

reviewed by Heather Geddes

Working With Emotions: Responding To The Challenge Of Difficult Pupil Behaviour In Schools

edited by Peter Gray

reviewed by Ruth Robertson

The Suitcase Kid/The Illustrated Mum

by Jacqueline Wilson

reviewed by Ruth Robertson

Issue 11, 2002


Anne Casimir - A Healing Narrative

Working through trauma in an educational context

Margaret Sumner - Becoming A Therapeutic School

The management perspective

Louise Emanuel - Becoming A Therapeutic School

The consultant's perspective


Marilyn Selby - Becoming A Therapeutic School

The educational therapist's perspective

Gerda Hanko - Therapeutic Joint Problem-Solving

to enrich the learning environment for pupils and teachers

Book Review

Attachment Trauma and Resilience - therapeutic caring for children

by Kate Cairns

reviewed by Heather Geddes

Issue 10, 2001


Mia Beaumont - Making Good The Deficit

A therapeutic approach to ADHD

Elaine Arnold - The Hidden Price Of Immigration

Separation and reunion of Afro-Caribbean children

Jennifer Thomas - The Role Of The Fairy Tale

Developing the sense of self in children aged 4-7

Cherry Dunne - The Use Of Fantasy In Educational Therapy

Eve Greenwood - Counselling Skills

An integral part of good teaching

Anniken Marstrander - An Appreciation Of

Anne Marit Duve

Helen High - A First Meeting With

Anne Marit Duve

Book Reviews

Clinical Counselling In Schools

edited by Nick Barwick

reviewed by Heather Geddes

Supporting Literacy: A guide For Primary Classroom Assistants

edited by Kate Grant

reviewed by Sue Davies

Issue 9, 2000


Juliet Hopkins - The Dangers and Deprivations of Too-Good Mothering: A Type of Spoiling Observed by Winnicott

Mary Sue Moore - The Impact of Trauma on Child Development

Implications for Learning

Hamish Canham

'Where do babies come from?"

What makes children want to learn

Gill Morton - Educational Therapy: Challenges and Possibilities of Work in Different Settings

Eva Holmes - Nurture Groups

A Therapeutic Intervention

Book Reviews

Counselling in Schools: New Perspectives

by John McGuinness

reviewed by Polly Burridge

Circle of Friends

by Colin Newton & Derek Wilson

reviewed by Sue Davies

Taking Children Seriously: Applications of Counselling and Therapy in Education

by Steve Decker, Sandy Kirby, Angela Greenwood and Dudley Moore

reviewed by Lee Marsden

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